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    1-3 years
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Job-related skills ▪ patient and calm at explaining complex problems

Computer skills ▪ Good knowledge of Windows environment
▪ Good knowledge of MS Office

Other skills ▪ Camping and orienteering
▪ Teamwork
▪ Leadership
▪ Sport (volleyball, athletics, football, karate, extreme sports…)

Additional Information
I saw advertisements that would fit into my profile. I finished TEFL and TESOL certificates recently. Also I have more than 5 years of experience: near 2 years of experience of teaching biology (and Homeroom teacher as well) in elementary schools and much more (over 4 years) on Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade where I have finished bachelor and master studies in field of applied biology, ecology and environmental protection. Also I work on projects such as Bear protection in Serbia, Reintroduction of beaver, Wolf and Fox diet, Bats in Serbia in cooperation with the Natural History Museum, Belgrade... During the studies, I led Biological Research Society ”Josif Pancic” where i gained leadership and teamwork skills as well trough fieldwork, educational workshops, teaching etc. At the moment I am finishing 2nd master on Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade (Environmental Engineering). I intend to enter PhD.
I am currently in the China, meeting such a great and colorful culture, Also I would love to teach English or Biology. Maybe both if it’s possible. I am very curious about new experiences and challenges, meeting new cultures and people as well. Do not hesitate to contact me if You like to hire me as soon as possible. It would be my pleasure.