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    South Korea
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    University Degree
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    11-20 years
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Recently worked as an art teacher in primary and high school in china since 2016.
also had an online business as a partner in China and Hongkong.
In korea,Association with an art business in an entry position with opportunity for general management consistent with ability to contribute.Performed the management of artists and responsible for project art exhibition as a chief Curator for more than 5 years in korea.Provided consulting service to customers,artists and managing special collector's complaints and requests.Able to Making marketing methods for TV, magazine, newspaper and web site.(writings, editorial comment and graphic design)
English Translation of all kinds of documents and interpretation to foreign customer and artist.
Had a career as an import manager in a trading company. Prepared import documents and handled customs clearance and Operated progress such as negotiation, ordering, remittance, import.Performed record keeping and general office duties.and Translation of all kinds of documents. (specifications, instructions, website)
Also had a career as a President of Art Institute. Operation, Education, Management as a president.Successfully managed employees, students and parents of students.