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General Manager - Global Sourcing & Operations

Business & Financial Services | Ningbo | Posted by:Tang     2015,Dec 21 15:20    Tel:86-574-87721181   views:
  • Type:Business & Financial Services
  • City:Ningbo
  • Contact Name:Tang
  • Tel:86-574-87721181
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Our Company:
Mahco Inc. was founded in 1988 and specializes in sporting goods manufacturing for retail and OEM accounts throughout North America with products including camouflage fabric, apparel, camp furniture, optics, outdoor packs, and beach furniture. Our continually growing customer list includes Sam’s Club, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, and many others.

Job Description:
The General Manager of Mahco International will be responsible for product sourcing and production. From our Ningbo office, the General Manager will utilize our staff and resources to foster the best manufacturing base, negotiate the best pricing, and produce goods to our high standards.

• University Education
• Excellent English skills, written and oral
• Minimum 10 years experience in global trade.
• Experience in hardgoods, textiles (with emphasis in textile printing) or apparel is 
required, with preference given to candidates with experience in all 3 areas.
• Exceptional leadership skills and experience managing personnel

Responsibilities as follows:
• Develop strong relationships with key factories with Mahco’s best interest always the 
top priority
• Keep Mahco ahead of the curve on factory sourcing and country of manufacture
• Transition the China office from a sourcing arm for Mahco to the international backbone 
of the company
• Work closely with the Mahco Bentonville team to move additional business through the 
China office
• Directly manage OEM business through the China office
• Develop product – manage product costs
• Order placement and execution at factories
• Quality control
• Shipping documentation processes
• Stay up to date on international trends and keep US office current on relevant information
• Innovative sustainability and packaging development in Asia
• Foster and manage relationships with other customer offices and Wal-Mart GP(if need) 
in Asia to create business opportunities
• Hire, Train and Grow our staff and handle all other human resource related functions
• Conduct accurate and timely financial reports

The functions listed above are the key functions of the General Manager but are not limited to these functions. The company may expand the functions as it deems necessary to meet the needs of the company.

If you are interested in applying, please send your resume to
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