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Schools / Teaching / Training | Yingkou | Posted by:Nins     2019,Apr 23 13:56    Tel:18341796679   views:
  • Type:Schools / Teaching / Training
  • City:Yingkou
  • Tel:18341796679
  • Other contact:

About us: 

           Lisa International English in Yingkou is affiliated to Yino Education Group and Oriental Early Childhood Education Center.Lisa International English, founded in June 2018, is based on Yinuo Fairy Tale International Kindergarten in Yingkou city and Oriental Early Education Center for baby care.Since its establishment one year ago, it has more than 20 classes, including all-foreign children's classes, chinese-foreign children's classes, exam-oriented courses, new concept courses, etc.American English picture books are adopted in early childhood, and Pearson BigEnglish series are adopted in early childhood.Lectures are given by a lecturer and a teaching assistant.

  • Current Location: Yingkou China
  • Address: Yingkou Liaoning Province


1. No late, no early departure, no absence from work
2. Sick leave must be discussed with the principal 
3. leave of absence needs to communicate with the principal 
two weeks in advance. 
4. Participate in and complete all tasks as required
5. Participate in teaching seminars, outdoor push, theme class activities. 
6.Wear uniform on duty, wearing jewelry is prohibited during the class. 
7. Using mobile phones are prohibited during class. 
8. Be enthsiastic and energetic at work 
9. Teachers training arranged by the school. 


* Must have a bachelors degree Or above 

* Non criminal record 
* At leat two years experience 
* Native speakers from US, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA, NZ AND SA with clear or neutral accent. 

* Must have TEFL/TESOL/ or CELTA certificate. 


* Z visa provided 

* free apartment provided 

* Paid national holiday 

* 5000 rmb bonus after 1 year contract.

* Salary is up to 15000 RMB UP TO 18000 RMB

Intrested applicants may submit ther CV and teaching video through this wechat : mariajeanina or may call 18341796679
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